GDP growth over 6.5 pct, Lokpal Bill this year: PM

On the eve of 66th Independence Day, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has much enlighten the downing economic growth and ask Indian security to take strongest steps to increase the growth rate by following much effective investment policies.

Giving his annual speech today at Delhi’s Red Fort, Mr. Singh promised to strengthen the infrastructure of country economy and govt. would work hard to down global economic crisis as during this fiscal year, rate of GDP is targeted more than 6.5 percent, a much significant on against last nine years worse hit of 5.5 percent.
“Recently we have taken new measures to accelerate infrastructure development. Ambitious targets have been fixed in roads, airports, railways, electricity generation and coal production,” Mr. Singh stated a statement.

Following a major improvement on Indian economy which is facing a worse phase, Singh promised to make control over inflation in this year as downing 6.87% in July, strong steps would be taken for resolving monsoon deficit problems by facilitating diesel and seed subsidy to farmers.

He also raised the issue of Lokpal Bill, Naxalism to Assam violence, unemployment and several development trading policies. Singh said that new job opportunities would be offers to young generations with making better scope in Industrial, private and trade sector with raising new investments by offering well structured infrastructure.

About Lokpal, he showed a hope to pass the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Bill in Parliament with full support of political parties and will ensure a better, clean imaging work with a fight against corruption. Singh is very upset by Assam ethnic riots and assured that government is doing all possible efforts to facilitate relief to victims and injured people in form of funds.

Source said, PM also criticizes bad political reform that is responsible for worse economy rate and asked political parties to come ahead and participate in better political reforms as time has come now, if not follow, and then it would affect national security.