Govt. reveals list of services to be kept out of tax

On Friday, The Pranabh Mukherjee, Finance Minister of India, took out a list from his bag of public services. Such a list is showing a hope to be tax free.

Non-air conditioned second class train travel, health facilities, metro and monorail, public transport buses, metered taxis and three-wheelers, preschool and recognized education providers are among services, which are proposed to be kept out of the service tax net.

By giving his own courageous statement the chairman of the Central Board of Excise and Customs, S.k.Goel said,” Services by religious entities, political parties, decorations and awards have been taken off as they are rendered by persons who may not be engaged in economic activity,”

Discussion will be held up to 15 December regarding this and after all this, centre will put out negative list of taxation of services.