Lokpal Bill will pass, just wait and watch: Rahul Gandhi

‘We will get the (Lokpal) bill passed in parliament soon. Wait and watch’, the promise made by Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi today while addressing a rally in Ramlila Maidan at Delhi.

Speaking in favour of his party UPA government’s policies for FDI in retail and denied all the corruptional allegations, Rahul cleared that his party is for Common Man and wants to be strong the whole nation by taking specific steps to remove the problems in the ways of growth.

Over anti-corruption issue, Rahul said , Indian political system is the biggest problem and by changing it, his Congress party will fight graft, passing Lokpal Bill in parliament very soon to fight corruption and open the doors for the common man.

Taking a strong grip over FDI reform, Mr. Gandhi attacked BJP, said, “It was BJP, which first talked of FDI. They were weak- hearted. We are strong-hearted. So we did. But when we did it, they said no to it in Parliament.”

“The opposition stalled the Lokpal Bill in the previous sessions of parliament. But we will bring it again,” he further added.

Accusing Opposition of lying to farmers about FDI, Mr. Gandhi ensured that UPA’s achievement over FDI reform will definitely good for them,promising to benefited farmers, their interest with rural employment guarantee scheme, the introduction of Right to Information (RTI).

He inspired India’s youth to ‘show a new way not only to the country but also to the world.’