Yashwant Sinha: Gadkari should resign, whether guilty or not

The breaking news state that senior leader from the BJP party, Yashwant Sinha, has now said that the BJP President Nitin Gadkari should step down immediately.

Earlier, Yashwant Sinha has refused to give any statement on the issue when it was raised by Ram Jethmalani.

Talking to media, Yashwant Sinha said, “Whether our party president is guilty or not is not the issue today. The issue is that all of us in public life should be beyond reproach.”

Now, Sinha’s demand has created a fresh row in the issue. Earlier, BJP Rajya Sabha MP Ram Jethmalani and his son Mahesh has demanded resignation of Ninti Gadkari in the wake of reports of alleged dubious financing of Purti Sugar and Power Group.

Meanwhile, Yashwant Sinha has said that he is demanding Gadkari to step down with a “great deal of sadness and regret and after exhausting the forums available” for him in the BJP.

He said, “I am confident that the issue I am raising has merit and I have faith in the wisdom of the party to be able to deal with this issue.”

Sinha said, “In fact, it is this faith which kept me from issuing this statement earlier. Unfortunately, despite my best effort the party has been unable to take a decision in the matter.”