Bigg Boss throws out Image and fashion consultant Imam Siddique

The latest crack-down in the house of Bigg Boss 6 is that Image and fashion consultant Imam Siddique was asked to leave the Bigg Boss 6 house at 3:30 am yesterday morning after a face-off with other inmates.

Meanwhile, Imam Siddique entered reality show Bigg Boss last week.

Imam Siddique was the member of the the naye padosi gang staying next to bigg boss house with wild card contestants Aashka Goradia and Nirahua in a mud hut.

Siddique miffed with Aashka Goradia and Nirahua for ignoring him.

Siddique later took Aashka’s clothes and started boasting here and there in the house imitating Aashka ‘cry-baby behaviour’ style. Later he lost his cool and started shouting in the house.

He even locked Aashka and Nirahua in the house and started breaking earthen pots threatening that he will burn the house. He was later taken out of the house.

Talking to media, a spokesperson of the channel, Colors, said, “We’re talking to him and figuring out the next steps… we are not sure whether he will again go in.”