Kids who sleep with parents are less overweight

As per latest study, if you want to be your child a healthy, fit and never have overweight, then you should sleep with your child. The children who sleep with parents tend to be “slimmer” and” fit”.

Parents have always problem with their children due to their habits of sneak into bed or wake up at mid night. But this disturbed night sleep proves good for children to be healthier, reduce their overweight.

It has said that while a person infected with disturbed sleep, it impact on his hunger hormones, increase his hunger and make him fatty. but its complete opposite side may be true for kids.

The study of 497 children between the ages of two and six, presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Lyon, France.

According to this research, it has found that kids who always sit in their own beds were likely to be three times more overweight than those stayed into bed with their parents every night.

It may be because “these children have a greater sense of security by cuddling up to their parents” Dr Nanna Olsen, at the Research Unit for Dietary Studies, Institute of Preventive Medicine, at Copenhagen University Hospitals told reporters.

“The results may suggest that elements of parental social support or other types of positive psychosocial responses if being allowed to enter parents’ bed during night may protect against overweight, whereas types of negative psychosocial responses such as feelings of rejection when not being allowed to enter parents’ bed may lead to overweight,” Dr Olsen further added.

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