Ramdev anti-Congress movement: ends fast, says ashamed of PM

After getting a deadline by Delhi Police for the Independence Day celebrations tomorrow at the nearby Red Fort, to vacate the Ambedkar stadium with his 5000 supporters till 1 p.m. today, Ramdev ended his fast, has left the stadium and ready to go for Haridwar.

While call off his hunger strike on five-day at Stadium where he stayed after arresting by police, Ramdev told supporter, “ I haven’t eaten or taken a bath for five days, I will now go straight to take a dip in the river Ganga.”

Yoge Guru Ramdev ended his fast by drinking a glass of lime juice, but he said this did not means that he defeated. His movement against corruption and black money will continue.

“We are not leaving defeated. We are leaving victorious as all parties have come in support of us,” he told his supporters at the Stadium.

Even at the last day of his anti- Congress movement, Ramdev never left to target Congress party and PM. He called Congress a defamed party which threatened to list out the name of his corrupts minister if black money issue raise and Lokpal passed.

“The Congress has proved it is the most corrupt party. The Congress should surely lose elections but we will disclose the name of the party that should win elections, only closer to elections,” Ramdev said.

Attacking on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Ramdev said they ashamed of PM, whom should not go to the Gurudwara, calling it insult of Guru Granth Sahib. He advised PM to “become a baba” like him, reports said.