Arctic could be ice free after a decade

As per latest study, the record of vanishing of Arctic sea ice is rapidly increasing so high that may resulted a free of ice in summer after a decade and this is due to effects of global warming.

The European Space Agency’s CryoSat-2 which was launched in 2010 to study the thickness of the Earth’s polar caps, has given preliminary results that indicates that around 900 cubic kilometres of Arctic sea ice has disappeared over the past year and continuously disappearing at a rate 50%, a source report said.

The dangerous affecting result warned by scientists, more than high than predicted shows that increasing global warming, a negative impact of green house emission, is the beginning of this disappearance of sea ice around Greenland, that results more absorption of sunlight into the ‘darker’ oceans. By this hottest region could be drastically call off sea water animals.

According to scientists on basis of preliminary study, dumping of methane deposits on the ocean floor could also melt, evaporate and accelerate global warming, raising the temperature level more rapidly than at present.

These findings shows “very strong change in thickness just happening in this decade”, Dr Seymour Laxon, of the Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling at University College London told reporters, adding , “Very soon we may experience the iconic moment when, one day in the summer, we look at satellite images and see no sea ice coverage in the Arctic, just open water.”

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