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Facebook profiles may expose mental illnesses

As modern social networking tech play a vital role in our life, source of interaction, chatting, messaging with friends and families. Read more

Russians nab first ice sample at Antarctica Vostok

The first ice sample from the subsurface Sub-Glacial Lake Vostok on Antarctica has been retrieved successfully, the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute said. Read more

How Social media decides your interview call!

Facebook 150x150 How Social media decides your interview call!Now it is likely to be necessary for social networking users to update their profiles as human resources professionals moves to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter before call a job candidate for an interview, a new study revealed.

During recruitment process, to decide whether to call a job interview to candidates, the employers goes for unprotected social media profiles and then check candidate’s suitability for a job. And in numbers, more than 90 % employers follow it, study said. Read more

Good Night’s sleep key to beat tough problems

If you are struggling with a difficulty to find its solution, best way is to go to bed and take a long amount of sleep like good night’s sleep, as per latest study.

The new study developed by researchers of Lancaster University found that between sleep and awake, best way to find answers to a range of tough tasks is sleep. Read more


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