Facebook profiles may expose mental illnesses

As modern social networking tech play a vital role in our life, source of interaction, chatting, messaging with friends and families.

Some users may online social sites such as Facebook to reduce their depression, tension by spending time on it, but time span on these sites would also reveal their mental illness, as per new study.

Profile of an individual on Facebook may expose or reveal that he/she has signs of psychiatric disorder.

Elizabeth Martin, a psychology doctoral student at the University of Missouri found that there were many problems linked with person’s mental ability and could be diagnosed by use of social network activities.

By using Facebook activities as a tool in psychological diagnosis, metal disorders could be identified which may difficult for psychologists and therapists.

Facebook Profile jan28 Facebook profiles may expose mental illnesses

“Even the parts of their Facebook activities that they chose to conceal exposed information about their psychological state,” Martin said, as per source.

“Therapists could possibly use social media activity to create a more complete clinical picture of a patient,” Martin added.

The study is based on questioning from more than 200 college students which revealed their level of enjoyment of social interactions and social withdrawal to odd beliefs.

Some participants who showed signs of social anhedonia, inability to enjoy pleasure from social interactions such as communicating with others had fewer Facebook friends. The level of anhedonia also revealed by their status, lack of space of photos sharing and communicated less frequently with friends on the site, the study found.

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