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Sony launches Xperia SL smartphone

The Sony Electronics has announced the launch of its much awaited smartphone in the Indian electronic market, the Xperia SL. Sony is now officially listing the smartphone as ‘coming soon’ on its official website. It is said in reports that the new Sony Xperia SL is the improved version of earlier launched Sony Xperia S [...]

Sony Xperia S – Review

Sony Xperia S stands out as a great Smartphone and is potential of giving tough competition to the HTC One X that was launched recently. After the rebranding Sony went through to be known as Sony Mobile Communications, this Smartphone is worth the wait. At the first glance itself, you can notice it resemblances to [...]

Sony Xperia S yellow display issues ‘limited’: Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation, the world largest high quality definition company, is facing display issues with its first smartphone 4.3-inch Sony Xperia S. It has been said that due to caused of temperature as phones get too warm, its screen show a slightly yellow tint which is not a good sign for Sony. On other side, accepting [...]