Allahabad Blast: six killed, several injured, probe ordered

In a fresh bomb blast incident in the country, a powerful blast took place in Allahabad, around six people were killed and several other were injured.

Further, it is said in reports that the blast took place in a slum area in Allahabad today.

As per the information provide to media, there are four children and two women among killed in the blast. Police further told media that seven on them are critically injured and admitted to the nearby hospital.

High alert has been ordered in the area and search operation is on to get any clues and important information about the incident.

However, the police have not released any official note on this and the nature of the blast is also not yet clear.

Senior police officials had reached at the site of blast. It is said that most of the blast victims are children and ladies.

The blast took place at around 4pm and reports have said that it was placed in a heap of garbage in the Kareli locality of the Allahabad city. The locality has larger number of the residents are ragpickers.

Meanwhile, an eyewitness said, “I saw at least 3 injured people being taken away in an ambulance.”

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