Baba Ramdev invites trainees to join Fight Against Corruption

The yoga guru Baba Ramdev is on fast and today is the second day, he had launched his fight against corruption. Baba Ramdev called to join his fight against corruption and to bring black money in the country.

Ramdev is on a three day symbolic fast and he asked his followers to display by a show of hands who love to join his moment as trainees against corruption.

However, yesterday Swami Ramdev asked the central government to make an effective anti-corruption ombudsman, establish an independent scheduled time process for the CBI chief, election commissioners, CVC and CAG and ensure the return of black money

Though, he also said that he have no plans to join politics, but showed his desire to talk to any political party including Congress chief Sonia Gandhi.

He said, “I am not against any political party. We don’t aim to dislodge anyone from power. My doors are also open for Sonia Gandhi. I have no political agenda. My only agenda is to protect our nation’s prosperity. I am sitting on a symbolic fast for 3 days.”

Meanwhile, Ramdev is also trying to take control on Lokpal Bill implementation fight with central government, and shifting the battle from Anna Hazare to his way. Ramdev said that he has no political agenda and ready to hold talks with any political aprty. Around 15,000 people were present there.

Social activist Anna Hazare was not present in the event, however, he earlier announced that he will join the protest. Ramdev said, “The government will be forced to bring Lokpal.”

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