Babbu Maan’s ‘Desi Romeo’ Music Release on 25th May 2012

Hello reader, this is a promotional article for the soon to be released film.

The Super star of the Punjabi Music industry and actor Babbu Maan is set to launch the music of his upcoming Punjabi film ‘Desi Romeos’ on 25th May 2012.

The well-known Punjabi Singer Babbu Maan has told NTN that the music of his upcoming film will be launched on 25th May 2012.

Further, it is said that the film will be released allover the world including India, Canada, England, American, Australia and many more countries on 15 June 2012.

Giving brief description to NTN, Babbu Maan said that the film is based on his personal life and would surely get full love and support from his millions of fans and well wishers allover the world.

Further, Singer Babbu Maan told NTN that his film ‘Hero Hitler- In Love’ origila DVDs and VCD will be available in the market from next week. He calls his fans to buy original DVDs and VCDs only.

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