Google agreed to pay $22.5 million for user privacy violation

According to latest technology sector news, the giant search engine, Google has agreed to pay $ 22.5 million fine to settle charges with the US regulators revealing that it bypassed the privacy settings of users using Apple’s Safari browser.

Google will pay the amount imposed by the US Federal Trade Commission, after it came into light that the company monitored web surfers using Apple’s Safari browser, who basically had a ‘do not track’ privacy setting options.

Meanwhile, the fine of $22.5 million is the largest ever imposed on a single company by the US Federal Trade Commission.

The US govt has called its inquiry after a Stanford University researcher brought an issue while working on targeted advertising.

Stanford University researcher found that the search giant was developing a escape that let its cookies be installed with the help of adverts on popular websites, even if browsers do not allow them.

This ultimately allowed Google to track the taste of people even if they had no permission to do so.

However, Google said that no personal information, like names or credit card information, had been stored by the company.

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