Kapil Sibal: Find a better solution for screening offensive content

kapil sibal 300x216 Kapil Sibal: Find a better solution for screening offensive contentFrom Monday there is another bitter war start between Union communications and IT minister Kapil Sibal and Social Networking sites like Facebook and Google.

Kapil Sibal ask social networking firm to find a better solution for screening the disparaging, offensive contents on their sites because they hurt the religious sentiments of the Indians.

However discussion regarding such problem has already been done on 5 Sep. with networking firms to pre screen electronic information.

While tlkaing to media during a press conference, Mr. Sibal said, “This government does not believe in either directly or indirectly interfering in the freedom of the press.”

But the response given by Indian users on his statement is so negative that some are commented on Twitter “Kapil Sibal is an Idiot”.

“Dare to think beyond Arindam Chaudhuri: Kapil Sibal,” tweeted @fakingnews. @Joydas Joy wrote, “Kapil Sibal Asks Google, Facebook to Scan User Content” – “Google, Facebook asks Kapil Sibal to Scan Brains.”

Although the company declared in his response that it is impossible to fulfill Sibal’s demand.

While asking for networking firms’ negative response, Sibal said, “This is far from the truth. If someone does not want to remove this kind of incendiary material then the government has to do something about it.”

By reporting to the Media, Kapil messaging the Indian users that decision of content screening is not for censorship and there was not his self motive to come to media.

He said if such social sites did not respond us to check the user content before posting then the government itself would try to find a way out but they would not allow such contents on the net which insults them and their religious sentiments.

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