Pakistan Plane crash: 127 feared killed, Bhoja airline offices closed

Pakistan Plane Crash 150x150 Pakistan Plane crash: 127 feared killed, Bhoja airline offices closedFriday was day for Pakistan to mourn over the death of 127 passengers of the Bhoja Air jet that crashed due to bad weather.

Flight BHO-213 of the Bhoja airline’s Boeing 737 was flying to Islamabad from Karachi on Friday, while it planed to take off on land of Islamabad, crashed near the Chaklala airbase, is adjacent to the Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad.

All the people on board of airline are believed to have died as there are no sign of survivors found in plane.

“There are no survivors”, Rawal Khan Maitla, director general of Emergency Disaster Management for the Capital Development Authority told reporters.

Body parts, wallets and eyeglasses were scattered outside the crash site near residential area of Islamabad along with parts of wrecked plane that smashed into electricity poles, though all area covered with smoke and darkness.

Talking to media, Farkhand Iqbal, a municipal official in Islamabad, said, at least 110 bodies have been recovered from the scene, while more than a 150 bags filled with body parts have been transported to hospitals across the region.

However Rescue workers stopped their search for any causality in areas as there were no reports of death of survivor on the ground.

All the relatives of 127 passengers on board are gathered on the ground of airport, all the area is under the coverage of mourning victims those who were in wait of their loved one arrival.

Refusing to have flight against the rule of a sport, Bhoja Airliner said the airplane crashed due to bad weather. There was no indication from the government that it could have been the result of foul play.

On July 2010, one major aviation tragedy had happened in Islamabad while commercial airliner of Pakistan AirBlue crashed into the hills. This Airliner had carried 152 people on board.

Moreover, the Boeing 737 flight has been recovered and would be handed to investigators to know what may have caused the crash plane tragedy. Pakistan’s Safety Investigation Board has launched a separate inquiry and two crisis operation rooms have been set up at both Islamabad and Karachi airport to provide immediate information to the affected families.

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