Sachin’s records will be broken one day, says Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev 150x150 Sachins records will be broken one day, says Kapil DevAccording to latest reports, the former India cricket team captain Kapil Dev has recently said in an interview that the record of master blaster Sachin Tendulkar will also be broken one day.

However, the 1983 World Cup winner skipper also praised Sachin Tendulkar for his disciplined life and his commitment for cricket.

While talking to media, Kapil Dev said, “When we were playing we used to think that whether the future will see any greater batsman than Sunil Gavaskar. But we were wrong. There have been greater players than Gavaskar. Because the game of cricket is bigger than any player.”

He said, “Sachin has played brilliantly throughout the career and has accumulated huge records but his records will also be broken one day because this is cricket.”

Kapil Dev went to Kolkata to take part in a event hosted by “’Aakash Institute”. He said dedication, discipline and self confidence are the three vital factors to be a successful person.

He said, “During the end of my cricket career there was a lot of hype regarding two young talents: one was Sachin Tendulkar and the other one was Vinod Kambli.”

Kapil Dev said, “Both of them were very talented. But now look where Sachin has reached. Kambli couldn’t make it big because of his lack of discipline.”

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