Supreme Court upholds every child’s Right to Education Act

right to education1 150x150 Supreme Court upholds every child’s Right to Education ActAs per Supreme Court’s Thursday direction, a move to upheld the RTE (Right to Education Act), 2009 has been delivered.

The norm is directed all government, privates as well as irrespective of the board they are affiliated to, to manage fixation of 25% free seats to poor children up to the age of 14.

The norm that is followed from this academic year (2012-13) that will provide a guaranteed free education to students belonging to socially and economically backward families from class I till they reach the age of 14.

Supporting the constitutional validity of the Act, a bench of justice said,“The 2009 Act seeks to remove all those barriers, including financial and psychological barriers, which a child belonging to the weaker section and disadvantaged group has to face while seeking admission.”

The Union minister Kapil Sibal appreciated court’s verdict that ended a shameful fact of being deprived from education, that is needed at this time while India stands with world’s largest powerful nations.

This upheld move will show big changes in nature of the classroom and infrastructure of all schools including aided and unaided private schools except unaided private minority schools and also the economics of running schools.

The motive behind the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009, “should be child centric and not institution centric”. The apex court denied a retrospective affect on admissions. There would be no reopened process in Admissions that granted in unaided minority schools prior to this judgment.

On thing that is good for schools is to bind all unaided non-minority schools that are not receiving “any kind of aid or grants to meet their expenses from the government or the local authority”. But negative thing is that due to giving free education to 25% students; the expenditure of schools will have been increased that obviously lead to the students’ fee hikes.

The Supreme Court, meanwhile, is approving 25 % mandatory reservation under the RTE Act, the long-pending rules under the legislation that will affect admission procedure in private schools and burden would be carried forward directly on Parents.

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