500 year-old King Richard III’s face revealed as remains found

More than 500 years, it has to be happened for the first time that the facial of England’s king Richard III revealed on Tuesday following a reconstruction based on his skull, and has seems to an offer to show the “real” Richard.

The reconstruction of face of King, who was killed in 1485 after just two years on the throne, is made by experts at the University of Leicester based on a CT scan, as per media reports.

In one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of recent times, a three-dimensional plastic model has said to be so lifelike that it is almost like being face to face with a real person.

It revealed that the former king had a large chin and nose prominent cheekbones and one shoulder higher than the other as similar as in portraits of Richard III painted after his death, experts said.

The king’s 500-year-old remains revealed his fatal skull wounds that he got at the field of bloody Battle of Bosworth after fighting with his eventual successor Henry Tudor, was died.

William Shakespeare has depicted him one of the worst villains who murdered two princes in the Tower of London.

The experts discovered the Skeleton of King under a car park in Leicester during an archaeological dig and reports said that DNA tests of bones having matched and proves that the skeleton found was that of Richard.

After 500 years the death of Richard III at the age of 32, still it is mystery of where a king is buried, and the archaeologists are in wake to solve it.

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