Aamir’s Satyamev Jayate’ impact: Childline flooded with calls

The 2nd episode of Aamir Khan’s heart touching Star Plus show Satyamev Jayate has had its quick reaction on the people and children of India.

It is said in reports that the city office of Childline has reported around six such cases since the show goes on-air on this Sunday on Star Plus. The Aamir’s Satyamev Jayate’s 2nd episode was dedicated to those who stood against the child sex abuse.

Archana Sahay director collab, Childline Bhopal said, “Within 10 minutes of the show, we got a call from a father with two daughters complaining about a school van driver who mishandles them. He said the show made him aware about the helpline number of Childline.”

She said, “The father had called exploring the options and action in such cases.”

Further she told media that the next call made to them was of a class XI girl who was being treated badly by her own mother.

Sangeeta, one of the volunteers at the office said, “The girl would be badly beaten up by her mother and also locked in the bathroom for petty reasons. Basically the mother would vent her frustrations on her. After counselling for several hours, now the situation is under control.”

Childline Bhopal also received a call from a 14-year-old girl who had complained against her mother and brother, the girl said that her mother mentally torture her.

Archana Sahay said, “The girl had approached us a fortnight ago after searching on the net. Child Welfare Committee (CWC) had entrusted her to her aunt with whom the girl stays currently. After the episode’s telecast, she called to inform that everything was fine. The show has definitely had an impact.”

On Monday, the child welfare team also rescued two child labourers after got a call from someone. Sangeeta said, “We got a call from the Mumbai call centre office about the children. The boys, aged seven and eight worked at a tiffin centre and were paid Rs 20 per day.”

They said that a 9-year-old girl was also freed by the petrol police of Habibganj, later her parents took her along with them.

Sahay said, “We’ve got reports that our national helpline has been flooded with calls from distressed children and parents since the episode was aired. In fact we couldn’t get through to the Mumbai office because of the rush!”

Counsellor with Mahila Thana, Mohib Ahmed said, “The show has really highlighted an important aspect which was not being talked about. Incest and abuse within the family has indeed become rampant which need to be looked at.”

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