Afghanistan rocked with series of suicide attacks

A series of coordinated suicide attacks held across Afghanistan on Sunday and made the whole capital targeted with major grenades, bombs and gunfire.

Taliban took responsibility for this, attacking NATO headquarters, the parliament and diplomatic residences. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said that scores of suicide bombers were assaulting Kabul and three other provinces.

Beside this series, Militants launched coordinated explosions in three other eastern cities, just after few hours behind the assault in Kabul.

The attacks started with gunfire in the central neighborhood of Wazir Akbar Khan, a base of U.S. NATO. After that at the same time they attacked on government buildings in Logar and Paktia provinces.

U.S. embassies, Britain, Germany and Iran, as well as offices of the United Nations, NATO’s UNAMA, the ISAF-run Camp Eggers, the Afghan parliament building, the Serena and Kabul Star hotels, and sites along Darulaman road, where the Russian Embassy is located, all were their main target point to be assaulted, Mujahid said in an e-mailed statement, Mujahid said.

“The Kabul administration and the invading forces had said some times ago that the Taliban will not be able to launch a spring offensive. Today’s attacks were the start of our spring offensive,” Mujahed told in his statement.

There was only sound of several large blasts, smoke and bursts of gunfire near the United States embassy across Afghanistan. People warned to took their homes, not to feet on streets and the embassy covered with lock inside of staff that was safe, no harmful causalities reported.

Source report that at least two attackers were killed as militants targeted several areas of the city, interior ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said.

Despite U.S., all other foreign embassies including French, Turkish, Chinese, German, Japanese and Russian were also targeted by Taliban militants but no death toll and no harmful incident were reported.

One thing that proved by Sunday coordinated a series of attacks that Afghan forces without NATO’s 130,000 troops that are supporting the government of President Hamid Karzai against the insurgents, never have ability to fight with the Taliban after 2014 although militants have ability to strike the capital security.

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