Air India pilots plans to go on strike from April 2

More delay in payment might cause more troubles for national carrier Air India which is dealing debts restructuring problems.

As per report, Air India‘s workers set to plans for going on strike next month reasoned of undue salary and allowance for the past five months.

Talking to Media, Union sources demanded from staff, “As many as seven unions out of the 13 today had three rounds of meetings with the management, but management could not give us a written commitment for full payment of our salaries and performance-linked incentives.”

Union Source said that they had already issued notice to management about strike. If management will fulfill their demands before 1 April, one day before strike, then they reverse their decision.

Specially, they demanded to give written commitment of assurances to make full payment of undue salaries to workers, instead of any oral communication.

The national carrier management is threatened of union strike that is likely to start from April 2; thereby they tried to negotiation talks with them but failed to do same.

Next month, meanwhile, if Air India‘s union strike will process then it would harm the national carrier’s financial position that is already downed.

Seeing the present and upcoming situation, the management should give the unions a written commitment of payment otherwise ready to face other cries that will trigger a huge blast in its financial structure.

Clarifying its promise to clear the dues, an official source of Air India said, “All the major Air India unions, including those of the pilots, met the management this evening and we have assured them to clear salaries and performance-linked incentives of one month next early month; and clear all arrears by May when the government will infuse money.”

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