Ann Lee goes topless for Saif’s ‘Agent Vinod’

Fresh Bollywood buzz states that actor Saif Ali Khan’s determined project ‘Agent Vinod’ has already managed to grab huge publicity in the fans as well as in media just before the release of the film on 23 March 2012.

His fresh publicity for the film includes mid-night brawl with a South African businessman, Iqbal Sharma.

In addition, the actor also drew hostility for appointing a Saudi Arab national as the caretaker of `Rubaat` (guest house) of the Nawab of Bhopal in Saudi Arabia. And in relate to this black flags were shown to Saif Ali Khan on his recent visit to Bhopal.

However, there is more publicity to his film Agent Vinod. His latest discovery to Bollywood, Ann-Lee Roberts had posted topless image of hers on social networking sites that ultimately lead to a lot of gossip.

By viewing the images, one could imagine that this will further lead to another publicity stunt for the film.

While, actor Saif Ali Khan said that he wouldn’t do anything cheesy for publicity.

Now, we can only say that if this is not that case of publicity, then why Ann Lee posted her topless images on social networking sites all of sudden?

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