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Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster caused by ‘Collusion’

“The Fukushima nuclear disaster last year cannot be regarded as a natural disaster” this statement has come from the Japanese parliamentary 10-member panel a 641-page report today, which concluded the much horrible disaster was not due to the tsunami, but it was “a man-made”. The report said, last year Fukushima nuclear disaster is the result [...]

CERN scientists discovers evidence of ‘God Particle’

As per the world’s biggest discovery of CERN research centre’s scientists, a new subatomic particle has been found that could be the elusive Higgs boson, much crucial element that believed to give structural phase of the universe. According to source report, the particle that has been found on Wednesday is the long-sought Higgs boson, called [...]

Historic report on Higgs boson discovery awaited

As per the latest reports, scientists allover the world are eagerly waiting the outcomes of one of the biggest experiments of the history. In their latest experiment, scientists are trying to prove the subsistence of the Higgs boson particle. From the past many months physicists have been trying hard in an underground lab in Europe, [...]

Pakistan permits NATO Forces to Afghanistan to resume

The 7 months long row over the NATO supply lines has finally resolved as Pakistan announced that it will ready to reopen supply routes to Nato forces in Afghanistan border and NATO welcomed it, according to source report. However, Pakistan’s recent downing move came only after the United State greatly apologised for death of 24 [...]