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Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster caused by ‘Collusion’

“The Fukushima nuclear disaster last year cannot be regarded as a natural disaster” this statement has come from the Japanese parliamentary 10-member panel a 641-page report today, which concluded the much horrible disaster was not due to the tsunami, but it was “a man-made”. The report said, last year Fukushima nuclear disaster is the result [...]

China, Japan, US to experience ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse

Amazing scene of ring of fire around the surface of moon as it passes in front of the fiery globe will have to been seen in sky in next week as a partial solar eclipse in which the moon pass in front of the sun. Since 1994, the event will be for first time in [...]

Google Doodle celebrates Akira Yoshizawa’s 101st birthday

Today is the celebration of 101st birthday of grandmaster of Origami, Akira Yoshizawa. Doodle on Google’s home page is paying tribute with a video showing paper work objects and paper butterflies popularized by Yoshizawa. Google doodles are the innovative and interesting changes in Google’s logo dealing with a tradition of honoring special days, anniversaries, and [...]

Japan to celebrate 1st quake and tsunami anniversary

People of Japan are planning for ceremonies to mark one year anniversary since the disaster of the dreadful earthquake and tsunami which struck the north-eastern coast along with a nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Japan’s Emperor Akihito and Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda will attend the Memorial ceremony at Tokyo’s National Theatre. Warning [...]

Inflation danger continues as oil price increases over Iran

The Euro zone threats is now in a full force to covering Iran under its impact as Belgium, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands have stopped buying Iranian oil and Greece, Spain and Italy are cutting back on their purchases. The main fact behind this is due to US sanctions regime against Iran that menaced [...]