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Internet content censorship in India up 49%, says Google

As per latest report of world biggest internet leader Google that In India, online censorship hit a fast increasing record in the second half of last year with 49 per cent and as per giant, government is responsible for all this. The trend of blockage were increasing from governments round the world as Google said [...]

Google buys online messaging startup Meebo

The giant search engine, Google has recently announced to buy the online messaging company Meebo, a step forward to expand Google’s capabilities for instant messaging of Web pages using social networks. However, the terms and conditions of the deal were not revealed to the media, as announced on the Meebo company blog.

Google wants .google, .youtube domain names

With the wide expansion of internet service along IP addresses as like as anyone want, the world largest search engine, Google is seeking a custom domain like .google to go ahead from old used .com and .org. As per company statement, Google has applied for its own top-level domains .google and .youtube for raising the [...]

Google, Samsung launches new version of Chromebook

On a joint effort, Google and Samsung will try to make driver of world’s computer operating system by Google’s popular Chrome Web browser manned to Samsung’s lightweight laptops. Their effort is showed when the world watch a new look at the upgraded new version of ‘Chromebook’ — based web browser Chrome- with no hard drive.

Facebook introduces new Camera iPhone app

The world biggest social networking site, Facebook is ready to go ahead with its long future plans. Being one step forward just after a week to publish initial public offering IPO, on Thursday, Facebook launched its new photo sharing smartphone app. The app, called Facebook Camera, facilitates fast access of Facebook photos and helps to [...]

Microsoft introduces So.cl, a search-driven social network

Microsoft’s social network So.cl, an experimental research project from Microsoft’s FUSE Labs, is now available to all users after being stepping forward from private beta since December 2011. So.cl, that combines social networking and search being focused on social search for the purpose of learning, provides rich media sharing, and real time sharing of videos [...]

Google wins China’s approval for Motorola deal

Google, the world largest search giant is in way to build “Android as an open-source platform” in wake of making the No. 1 mobile OS globally and for that Google earlier had pledged to make freely available the Android to its entire hardware manufacturer. Amongst all, it was China that had not get approval all [...]

Facebook Shares will change the world many ways

Facebook’s IPO did not mark the stock market as per investors’ expectation, but on the first day of trading company shares end on a low of $38.23 and raised as much as $18.4 billion in one of the biggest initial public offerings in U.S. history. The eight-year-old social network site’s share value rose up 11 [...]