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Facebook and friends influence your health

If you want to have psychological healthy behavior that influences positively your personality, then you should chat with your friends in Facebook and Twitter, as per latest study revealed. Much far away from fact of billions of dollars deals signed by these two networking sites, people are learning better communicable way to talk with friends [...]

Yahoo, Facebook reachs patent deal; says report

Today’s breaking news of technology sector, the two biggest social networking sites- Facebook and Yahoo have tie up by signing Internet advertising and licensing partnership deal on Friday. As a part of their strategic move, the deal that is the settlement to their dueling patent lawsuits will include cross-licensing of patents and collaboration on advertising [...]

Facebook and Twitter make girls ‘appear more aggressive’

As per recent reports, the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are changing the way girls speak and making them appear more aggressive because of their straight forward way to write. ‘Young people’s language in general is becoming more direct in comparison to their parents and the business community because of the communication [...]

Facebook acquires facial-recognition startup

Now identification of tag photos on the Web by figuring out who is in the pictures would be easier as the No. 1 social networking site Facebook has signed a deal to acquire Face.com. As per this latest deal, Facebook will use facial-recognition technology on its site that provides consumers an offer to use it [...]

Microsoft introduces So.cl, a search-driven social network

Microsoft’s social network So.cl, an experimental research project from Microsoft’s FUSE Labs, is now available to all users after being stepping forward from private beta since December 2011. So.cl, that combines social networking and search being focused on social search for the purpose of learning, provides rich media sharing, and real time sharing of videos [...]

Google wins China’s approval for Motorola deal

Google, the world largest search giant is in way to build “Android as an open-source platform” in wake of making the No. 1 mobile OS globally and for that Google earlier had pledged to make freely available the Android to its entire hardware manufacturer. Amongst all, it was China that had not get approval all [...]

Facebook Shares will change the world many ways

Facebook’s IPO did not mark the stock market as per investors’ expectation, but on the first day of trading company shares end on a low of $38.23 and raised as much as $18.4 billion in one of the biggest initial public offerings in U.S. history. The eight-year-old social network site’s share value rose up 11 [...]

Facebook sets IPO price at $38 per share, to start trading today

Facebook, the world’s most liking social networking site, record 900 millions active users, has strong demand by big money managers to be a part in the biggest Internet IPO in history. As seeking more money scope, Facebook has set its IPO at least $16 billion for the company by selling 421.2 million shares and its [...]

Facebook calls to have its own App Centre

The App Centre, offering all the apps services for software business, is within few weeks terming as best method for Operating System makers to expand their business line especially on mobile devices. Using this model, now Facebook, 800 millions active users recording social networking website has created its own App Centre, seeking to benefit by [...]

New ‘Google Drive’ provides 5GB free online storage for photos, videos

According to the latest Technology news, the Search giant Google has recently announced the launch of a new consumer service that provides around 16 terabytes for storing photos, videos, and other digital files in the Internet ‘cloud.’ Meanwhile, named as ‘Google Drive’, the new service launched by the giant search engines now offers 5GB (gigabytes) [...]