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Google will remove offensive content, Facebbok need 15 days to remove

21 social networking sites along with Facebook and Goggle, the trial court have directed them to remove the offensive contents from the site which hurt sentiments of people. And Google India has done as per the court’s order that it has removed certain webpages from the internet that deals with objectionable contentment. But World’s most [...]

Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang quits Yahoo

As per fresh report, the co-founder of Yahoo Jerry Yang resigns from his post as per demand of angry shareholders that wants it for better transformed and revenue growth of company. From 1995, Yang has give his life to the company and because of his innovative ideas and enthusiasm, it survive and stay at this [...]

Google, FaceBook appeals in India as Govt. orders to remove content

Over the offensive content on social networking sites like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, the govt. has sanctioned prosecution of all these after a day when warning made by Delhi high court to the social networking sites to devise a mechanism to check and remove objectionable material from their sites or face blocking like in [...]

Yahoo Leaves Investors Midway

The report revealed that Yahoo! A social networking site sells its assets to Luma Partners LLC. Terence Kawaja, chief executive officer of Luma Partners LLC, talks with Yahoo! Inc. under new CEO Scott Thompson over acquisitions and asset sales. Yahoo is one of the Web’s largest content companies out of Google and Facebook that are [...]