The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation comes in front with a call to revive Gandhi’s Tolstoy Farm in South Africa as a legacy project.

The Tolstoy Farm had set up by Mahatma Gandhi as a prosperous commune during his tenure in Johannesburg at the turn of the last century.

During the 27-year-old annual Gandhi Walk event in Indian suburb south of Lenasia, the organizers announced to renew the Tolstoy Farm.

After the destruction of original Gandhi Hall as selling in the 1970’s white minority government, the annual Gandhi Walk event was began as a fundraiser for building a new Gandhi Hall in Lenasia. Ten kilometers far away from the Gandhi Hall, Tolstoy Farm had build that has fallen into disuse after the last residents left the area in the 1970’s.

Being participated over 2000 people, this walk hosted on Sunday and appealed with the Indian High Commission to support the calls to revive the Gandhi’s Tolstoy Farm.

“We would like to take some further action on this and hope that something works out. Coal India has already assured us that it will be funding the project, so we should take it forward,” Indian Consel-General in Johannesburg Nandan Bhaisora said during talk with media.

Durban-based Ela Gandhi, granddaughter of the Mahatma Gandhi who was one of the participants of Gandhi Walk appreciated the reviving Tolstoy Farm fact and said, “Ideally it would be a nice thing, in terms of drawing people’s attention to it, but looking at the security of the people, the logistics might be difficult.”

It is much difficult for Johannesburg’s people to preserve this site and Tolstoy Farm fell in the “middle of a quarry and it makes it so difficult for people to plan anything” at the time when they are a little island.