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DNA screening to help choose life partners

As per latest reports, in upcoming future period, people will able to see their future lovers’ compatibility and choose their life partners on their genetic compatibility via DNA testing. As per Professor Armand Leroi, British scientist of Imperial College London, the falling cost of DNA testing would be common for young people to pay to [...]

Sweepers, Ward boys playing as doctors in UP, CMS dismissed

Indian government is always in doubts and controversial facts because of its way to exempt itself from responsibilities, especially hospitalized sectors, without caring lives of common men. And this once again has showed in Bulandshahr hospital case where Ayub, the ward boy who applied stitches at Bulandshahr government hospital.

Newly found immune system molecule could prevent melanoma growth

For the Melanoma infected patients who are fighting with this unexpected dangerous tumour immunity form of skin cancer, now there is a counter weapon in form of a molecule in immune cells that help to treat this disease growth in mice. As per latest development of Brigham and Women`s Hospital (BWH) researchers in US, one [...]

Facebook and friends influence your health

If you want to have psychological healthy behavior that influences positively your personality, then you should chat with your friends in Facebook and Twitter, as per latest study revealed. Much far away from fact of billions of dollars deals signed by these two networking sites, people are learning better communicable way to talk with friends [...]

Zumba and Latin aerobics helps to lose weight

People are more continues regarding their fitness and if it gives effortlessly, then why should not one follow this. Yes, there are some activities like Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Latin aerobics, Tai chi and kickboxing that help to lose weight without much stress, feeling calm and enjoying the regimen. “I have been working with fitness industry [...]

Check out three days tummy trimming diet plan

Are you worried about your health ! Yes, this is a very common issue among women, they health at risk with our wobbly tummies. But, no need to worry, follow these three steps and get you healthy…. US women always known for better and fit health but new research shows that issues of wobbly tummies [...]

French Study: Alcohol found in Coca Cola and Pepsi

As per latest study, it has been revealed that the best branded soft drinks like Coca cola and Pepsi have existence of alcohol. Those who contain soft drinks for religious or health reasons, be aware that these drinks that they chose will be containing alcohol, even most branded companies.

Rajesh Khanna unwell, stops food intake, situation critical

The Bollywood super star Rajesh Khanna is unwell and stopped eating and drinking from 3-4 days. The information was given to media by his manager yesterday. Rajesh Khanna’s manager Ashwin said, “He is unwell, and at home. He has stopped food intake for three to four days. Dimpleji is continuously by his side and his [...]

Hosni Mubarak reported ‘clinically dead’ after stroke

Hosni Mubarak, the name of the former Egyptian president who ruled for three decades, was “clinically dead” at a hospital where he was admitted struggling for his life after following a stroke in prison yesterday, as per the media reports. However, the military officials denied this report by saying that the leader was in hospital, [...]

World Blood Donor Day 2012: Every Blood Donor is Hero

On the special celebration of World Blood Donor day on Thursday, we must aware the spirit of voluntarism across the globe. An effort of made possible ones lives when ones gives is only acceptable by Blood Donation. Today, there are huge number of events has been marked to create several awareness and enthusiasm among the [...]