Newly found immune system molecule could prevent melanoma growth

Skin Cancer 150x150 Newly found immune system molecule could prevent melanoma growthFor the Melanoma infected patients who are fighting with this unexpected dangerous tumour immunity form of skin cancer, now there is a counter weapon in form of a molecule in immune cells that help to treat this disease growth in mice.

As per latest development of Brigham and Women`s Hospital (BWH) researchers in US, one of them is of Indian, the mice expressed high amounts of a cell-signaling molecule, interleukin-9. This high expression hinders growth of melanoma, while other molecules use in treating melanoma.

“These were unexpected results, which led us to examine a possible contribution of interleukin-9 to cancer growth suppression.” Rahel Purwar, study co –author at BWH`s Department of Dermatology said in a statement.

Source said, while observing mice without genes responsible for development of T helper cell 17 (TH17), an immune cell, they found that these mice had significant resistance to melanoma growth by suggesting that blockade of the TH17 cell pathway favoured tumour inhibition.

After that, next they treated melanoma-bearing mice with T helper cell 9 (TH9), another cell that produces interleukin-9 and they found it in both normal human blood and skin. Interestingly, these mice also had a profound resistance to melanoma growth.

The first study that reveals part of interleukin-9 and TH9 cells in human cancer therapy in identifying melanoma tumour immunity, could help in future of better treatment of skin cancer. Because of this tumour immunity, more than thousands of people have died in a year.

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