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French Study: Alcohol found in Coca Cola and Pepsi

As per latest study, it has been revealed that the best branded soft drinks like Coca cola and Pepsi have existence of alcohol. Those who contain soft drinks for religious or health reasons, be aware that these drinks that they chose will be containing alcohol, even most branded companies.

NASA Scientists Discovers History of Asteroid Impacts in Earth Rocks

The latest research study of US space agency NASA concludes that billions of years ago, giant asteroids hit Earth with more frequency that was higher than the previously thought. These asteroids, similar or larger than the one is the cause of the dinosaur extinction, believed to have killed the dinosaurs, would have seemed to be [...]

Go for healthy diet to keep your liver healthy

If you have liver regarding problems then you should change your food habits. As per saying by gastroenterologist experts on World Liver Day, new generation lead to sedentary lifestyle and use liquor, street’s junk food in their diets that directly harm liver, a large functional reserve of the body. In India, more than 2 lakh [...]

Early detection helpful for autistic kids

At the World Autism Awareness Day on Monday, parents along with their autism spectrum disorder (ASD) infected children are joined at the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum (VITM) across the globe to create and spread awareness about this slowly growing disease. ASD refers to lack of developmental brain and disorder of a mental condition in [...]

World Earth Day 2012: Switch off light for one hour

Today is a World Earth Day, and Washington’s National Cathedral will be the center of attraction as it announced to take part in the event. It will be the landmark across the universe that plan to turn out their lights for Earth Hour. It is said in reports that the National Cathedral’s lights are to [...]

Losing loved one can cause death: Study

The Internal pains to losing a loved one in life can cause of weaken the immune system making the body more vulnerable to infections even can lead to the death, as per a study. On basis of study found by Researchers from the University of Birmingham, large amount of depression and intense grief caused by [...]

Homeopathy is not suitable for prescribe treatments

Homeopathy, an unusual worthless treatment that is lying to their patients, claimed by Edzard Ernst, a professor of complementary medicine at the University of Exeter. He called it as “unethical treatment” should be banned on NHS; the firm invests more than £4million in a year on homeopathy through funding from the British Medical Association. Main [...]

Oral sex increases mouth cancer cases

Latest study reveals that the tolls of Mouth cancer cases are increasing due to transmission of human papilloma virus (HPV) that is communicated during physical contact of couple or may be oral sex. As per a Charity Group, Cancer Research UK that studied this fact said the rates of mouth cancer in Britain figured above [...]

Use your wrong hand to drink tea to control anger

A more aggressive person usually harms himself by lacking self control and does not understand what he has done and how it could be control. Now if anyone wants to control temper then train oneself to use the ‘wrong’ hand or a way to self control, study reported. Tailor of this study is Dr Thomas [...]

Sexual problems could lead to migraines

Who feel migraines and headache problems may be affected by sexual problems, and this is highly incurred in the women. As per latest research, 90 per cent of women with migraines and tension-type headaches also have sexual problems, and 29 per cent of these women are stressed about their sex lives. The researchers revealed study [...]