Sexual problems could lead to migraines

Published on March 5, 2012 by in Health

Who feel migraines and headache problems may be affected by sexual problems, and this is highly incurred in the women.

As per latest research, 90 per cent of women with migraines and tension-type headaches also have sexual problems, and 29 per cent of these women are stressed about their sex lives.

The researchers revealed study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the migraines and tension-type headaches are linked with the sexual pain and hypoactive sexual desire disorder, while women with chronic tension-type headaches were more likely to have sexual distress. (more…)

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Actress Freida Pinto strips for her sexiest photoshoot

Freida Pinto strips 300x264 Actress Freida Pinto strips for her sexiest photoshootShe was first recognized the fame with the super success of Bollywood film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ which was released allover the world around four years ago.

Yes, we are talking about Bollywood actress Freida Pinto. The actress normally known as one of the best dressed as well as one of the ‘most beautiful women in the world’ lists.

However, in her very fresh photoshoot, the 27-year-old actress has come up with a completely new look. She has showed her sexy side as she posed suggestively in a vest and panties for the April issue of men’s magazine ‘Esquire’. (more…)

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Woman alleges raped during train loot

In yet another gangrape case, a woman was raped by a gang armed with guns and choppers looted a passenger train in the Ahmedpur-Katwa narrow gauge section of Eastern Railway on Saturday evening and raped a woman who tried to put up a resistance.

It was said in reports that the woman, a widow, told the police officials that she was dragged out of his compartment and was raped by 5 men by the railway tracks.

In the meantime, the Katwa SDPO and inspector-incharge of Ketugram has taken the woman for further investigation as well as medical tests when last told to media by the police department. However, no FIR has been registered yet by the police. (more…)

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