CBI may start probe in Coal allocation case

In modesty, being strongly hit back the Team Anna’s allegations over Coal allocation case, the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is likely to face the CBI probing, following the complaints of Opposition.

Investigating by the Central Bureau of Investigation has come while the Central Vigilance Commission forwarded on a complaint, reportedly made by BJP leader Prakash Javdekare in March.

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Prime Minister strikes back at Team Anna on Corruption charges

Heavy disposal of Anna’s allegations by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has no effect over strongest core committee head Anna Hazare as he still stick opinion that no doubt if the Prime Minister himself may be honest but never stop his government ministers to be “corrupt”.

It is for the first time that PM’s name is to be included in Anna’s list of corrupt, that came out by a CAG draft report indicated the involvement of Prime Minister along with 14 other top ministers in irregularities in allocation of coal blocks.

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Team Anna report, Prime Minister corrupt, wants inquiry

In yet, Team Anna blamed Congress to be the Center of corruption, but this time point totally turned as this time they accused 15 UPA minister of being “corrupt” including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee.

“We will wait till July 24. If the government does not take steps to (set up SIT), we will go on an indefinite fast from July 25,” activist Arvind Kejriwal told reporters, indicated charges were over portions of a draft CAG report against Singh when Coal Ministry was with him.

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Team Anna’s fight for Lokpal Bill, will block roads today

There is no scope for India to get Lokpal and Lokayuktas Bill in early time period as once again after being tabled in the Rajya Sabha on Monday evening, the Bill has referred to a 15-member select parliamentary panel for consideration.

The selection of 15-member committee was made through voting of members from various parties while no consensus came up on the Bill’s provisions.

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Team Anna’s recording fetish comes-out as a singular farce

Team Anna 150x150 Team Anna’s recording fetish comes out as a singular farceThe controversial report of friction between Team Anna tie up with Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev for a joint rally on June 3 in New Delhi has resolved by both activist through a joint meeting in Gurgaon in return of left put the sole Muslim member of core committee Maulana Shamoon Qasmi.

Report said that Qasmi expelled from team at the time while core committee members along with head Anna Hazare, were addressing a meeting in Noida.

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Team Anna clears no differences with Baba Ramdev

baba ramdev anna hazare 150x150 Team Anna clears no differences with Baba Ramdev In Noida, all the members of core committee of Anna Hazare met today for discussing and clarifying the issue regarding reports of a friction between Team Anna tie up with Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev for a joint rally on June 3 in New Delhi.

During the meeting, team member Mufti Shamoon Qasmi suddenly walked out without informing any one and reasoned to media that he wasn’t being heard and so it only seemed appropriate to walk out.

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Anna Hazare on Lokpal, “Will watch UPA Govt’s each move”

anna hazare 300x260 Anna Hazare on Lokpal, “Will watch UPA Govt’s each move”Void outcome is resulted from the Lokpal Bill fiasco that held by PM to meet the party leaders seeking to find solution and took clear stand to evolve a consensus on the Lokpal Bill.

During fiasco, each one had his own suggestions and there is no equivalent argument by any Rajya Sabha party members. One side Trinamool Congress asked the deletion of Lokayukta provision in states, while UPA ally the DMK said it should decide by state it self.

Over CBI deployment, the JD demanded to make it independent, self governing, and BJD wanted to take the Prime Minister in Lokpal.

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Notice issued to Arvind Kejriwal for calling MPs ‘rapists’

arvind kejriwal 300x275 Notice issued to Arvind Kejriwal for calling MPs ‘rapists’The core committee of Anna Hazare who always urged public to protest legally, not in violence, charged a Breach of Privilege notice that served to its member Arvind Kejriwal, reportedly source of Team said.

During an Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election last month, core committee member Kejriwal commented MPs to rapists, murderers and looters while he addressed his campaigning rally.

“In this Parliament, 163 members have cases of heinous offences against them. In this Parliament, rapists are sitting, murderers and looters are sitting. How can you expect Jan Lokpal Bill to be passed by Parliament? How can you expect that you can get reprieve from poverty and corruption,” he said on February 25 in his rally.

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Rahul Gandhi should prove himself for PM’s post: Anna Hazare

anna hazare1 300x283 Rahul Gandhi should prove himself for PM’s post: Anna HazarePrime Minister Manmohan Singh, 79 year-old man is “young” in comparison of 41 year- old leader of youth, Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi, as per social activist Anna Hazare.

According to Mr. Hazare, there are more than half of the ministers in the UPA government who wants to pass a strong Lokpal Bill in Parliament.

While asking about those “good people”, he refused to name the people as it would put them in trouble, but his Friday statement speaks a lot.

On Friday, he said, “Manmohan Singh’s mind is youthful, so he is young. Rahul Gandhi is not young.”

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Debate on Lokpal Bill the first half of the Budget Session of Parliament

Lokayukta Bill 300x224 Debate on Lokpal Bill the first half of the Budget Session of ParliamentIn Rajya Sabha, the govt. has refused the opposition’s demand of immediate resumption of a debate on Lokpal Bill, forwarding it to the first part of the Budget Session of Parliament by March 30.

This decision came after the Opposition Leader Arun Jaitley gave a suspension letter of the Question Hour to resume debate on the Bill.

Responding to the notice on Wednesday, the government said that the Lokpal and the Lokayukta Bills topped the agenda during the first half of the Budget session that ends on March 30.

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