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Facebook games turning kids into gamblers

Being addicted of using Facebook can turn children into lifelong problem gamblers and this would happen because of permitting them to play Las Vegas-style casino games on sites, as per experts’ reports. Presently, as per law age limit for gambling in the UK is 18 years, but Youth, especially ageing 13 or over, at their [...]

A Facebook app that helps parents keep their kids safe

The most used social networking site, Facebook has recently announced that it has launched a new app can help parents protect children from inquiring with a single click and also keep them safe from pedophiles It is said in media, that the new app Social Privacy Protector [SPP] has different levels of protection, and the [...]

Facebook and friends influence your health

If you want to have psychological healthy behavior that influences positively your personality, then you should chat with your friends in Facebook and Twitter, as per latest study revealed. Much far away from fact of billions of dollars deals signed by these two networking sites, people are learning better communicable way to talk with friends [...]

Yahoo, Facebook reachs patent deal; says report

Today’s breaking news of technology sector, the two biggest social networking sites- Facebook and Yahoo have tie up by signing Internet advertising and licensing partnership deal on Friday. As a part of their strategic move, the deal that is the settlement to their dueling patent lawsuits will include cross-licensing of patents and collaboration on advertising [...]

Malware threat may hit the Internet on Monday

Millions of Internet users may be disappoint from lose of accessing the web on July 9 because of malicious software known as a “Domain Name System Changer” or “DNSChanger” However still it is not confirm how many PCs are infected by Virus, but experts believes to make reduction of this by the extraordinary outreach by [...]

Facebook and Twitter make girls ‘appear more aggressive’

As per recent reports, the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are changing the way girls speak and making them appear more aggressive because of their straight forward way to write. ‘Young people’s language in general is becoming more direct in comparison to their parents and the business community because of the communication [...]

Assam Congress MLA assault: Police arrest five people

According to latest reports, the Assam Congress MLA from Borkhola, Rumi Nath, 30-years-old, on Sunday said in an interview that the hundred-strong mob that surrounded her and beats her outside a Karimganj hotel on Friday night even attempted to rape her. Meanwhile, the Congress MLA, Rumi Nath is badly injured, said this while talking to [...]

Facebook acquires facial-recognition startup

Now identification of tag photos on the Web by figuring out who is in the pictures would be easier as the No. 1 social networking site Facebook has signed a deal to acquire Face.com. As per this latest deal, Facebook will use facial-recognition technology on its site that provides consumers an offer to use it [...]

BJP site hacked by Anonymous, Calls for protest on 9 June

A news that forced the government to revive its “Internet censorship” decision once again, the Indian hacker group of Anonymous hacked the BJP’s websites, calling it a way to protests against “web censorship” in India. In its first target, the hacker group has hacked official website of the Supreme Court, All India Congress Committee in [...]

Facebook introduces new Camera iPhone app

The world biggest social networking site, Facebook is ready to go ahead with its long future plans. Being one step forward just after a week to publish initial public offering IPO, on Thursday, Facebook launched its new photo sharing smartphone app. The app, called Facebook Camera, facilitates fast access of Facebook photos and helps to [...]