BJP site hacked by Anonymous, Calls for protest on 9 June

A news that forced the government to revive its “Internet censorship” decision once again, the Indian hacker group of Anonymous hacked the BJP’s websites, calling it a way to protests against “web censorship” in India.

In its first target, the hacker group has hacked official website of the Supreme Court, All India Congress Committee in protest response to India’s new Internet laws, blocking of websites like The Pirate Bay and Vimeo by ISP.

Recently on last Saturday, Reliance website is under its attack. No one user could be able to access Facebook and Twitter. Source reported that if anyone attempted to open this, redirected to a page containing a strongly worded statement against attempts by the Indian government to censor the Internet.

Creating its news account on twitter called opindia_back, Anonymous now target to the BJP website as posted on Twitter, that and had been hacked.

Being announced a more peaceful protest against “web censorship” in India, Anonymous said that the protest is set to be on the 9th of June in all major cities in India, while asked interested users to wear a mask for being a part of the protest. It’s too early to say how many people will actually participate in the protest.

Further it also added in its blog that main reason to hack the BJP websites is that the party is not standing against the Web censorship as it should do the same.

Moreover, this showed that India decision od “web censorship” to restricted Internet freedom is not appreciated by citizens and Facebook and Twitter pages is the best way to express anger. Now waiting is that whether it’ll be a national wide protest that moves anger into something more aggressive track.

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