Hangouts On Air: Are you ready to go live on Google+

Google+ Hangouts On Air1 150x150 Hangouts On Air: Are you ready to go live on Google+In yet, U.K. based search giant’s social site, Google+ continuously defeated by Facebook, another social networking site. But now, taking one big step ahead, bring “Hangouts On Air” feature in its Google+ site, Google bounced, make possible for users to go live in front of a global audience.

The company announced that its ‘Hangouts On Air’ feature roll out to all Google+ users globally that will change the way of chat videos on Internet.

As per feature, users can ‘broadcast their live chat’ from the Google+ and on their YouTube channel or website for usage of recording versions.

They can also check during the broadcast, inside the hangout that how many people are watching live. It seems a very smart move of Google which will move social media into a different direction that Facebook or Twitter can’t really offer.

Offering free of cost chat videos, Google’s smart move, Hangouts on Air will prove helping hand for celebrities and well-known personalities, getting mode to connect with their fan clubs, a big line of audiences.

“Once you’re off the air, we will upload a public recording to your YouTube channel, and to your original Google+ post. This way it’s easy to share and discuss your broadcast after it’s over,” posted in company’s blogspot.

Although, Hangouts On Air feature was introduced last September by Google with a restricted broadcasters made a video-chat between two people or a group of people, not all worldwide. But within next few days, the company has promised to roll out Hangouts On Air gradually, as per announcement made by Google.


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