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Internet content censorship in India up 49%, says Google

As per latest report of world biggest internet leader Google that In India, online censorship hit a fast increasing record in the second half of last year with 49 per cent and as per giant, government is responsible for all this. The trend of blockage were increasing from governments round the world as Google said [...]

Google wants .google, .youtube domain names

With the wide expansion of internet service along IP addresses as like as anyone want, the world largest search engine, Google is seeking a custom domain like .google to go ahead from old used .com and .org. As per company statement, Google has applied for its own top-level domains .google and .youtube for raising the [...]

Bump helps to share content from your phone to Desktop PCs

Online market clouded a lot as another bump ready for Android, a new data sharing software app for iOS and Android devices that allow direct photo transfer to PCs from your phone by “gently bumping your phone on to your computer”. By this, even there is no need to physically connect your Android devices to [...]

BJP site hacked by Anonymous, Calls for protest on 9 June

A news that forced the government to revive its “Internet censorship” decision once again, the Indian hacker group of Anonymous hacked the BJP’s websites, calling it a way to protests against “web censorship” in India. In its first target, the hacker group has hacked official website of the Supreme Court, All India Congress Committee in [...]

Hangouts On Air: Are you ready to go live on Google+

In yet, U.K. based search giant’s social site, Google+ continuously defeated by Facebook, another social networking site. But now, taking one big step ahead, bring “Hangouts On Air” feature in its Google+ site, Google bounced, make possible for users to go live in front of a global audience.

Facebook-Google Case: Delhi court fines requester

As per fresh reports, the Delhi court, hearing a civil case against number of social networking sites including Facebook and Google, for allegedly showing objectionable content, has issued a fine of Rs 200 on a requester for seeking an urgent review of its order which gets-back the names of Google India and others from the [...]

Samsung launches Galaxy models in India

To know about highly featured, technical specified and stylish look wise gadgets that launched in this forthcoming period, so there is a overall review of new launching companies’ models. One is of Microsoft multi-operational keyboard. If user wants to buy such a keyboard that operate on many devices simultaneously like Windows PC, MAC, Android or [...]

Google launches Google glasses

The giant search engine, Google has given the world a sight of its vision which will help people to see the life through internet-tinted glasses. In a video launched at a Project Glass page at Google+ social network declared the gossips true. It is said that the technology titan is working on eyewear that engages [...]

Sachin Kukke wins Space Lab Contest

In the first ever history, Sachin Kukke, an Indian student of mechanical engineering at the BMS College for Engineering in Bangalore record his name in the winner list of YouTube Space Lab 2012 contest. Asia Pacific region contest was designed for young people all over world to introduce their experiments, one best out of that [...]