Bump helps to share content from your phone to Desktop PCs

Online market clouded a lot as another bump ready for Android, a new data sharing software app for iOS and Android devices that allow direct photo transfer to PCs from your phone by “gently bumping your phone on to your computer”.

By this, even there is no need to physically connect your Android devices to PC as it is handy wireless app.

Earlier, users had to share photos and app among two Android/iOS devices with Bump installed on them by just bumping them.

Despite it, now Bump app offers users to have one step forward to share contacts, photos, YouTube videos from the Android devices to PC directly.

Excited Android and iPhone users can do all one by open the http://bu.mp/ website on your PC, then open the Bump on Android app. After selecting the photos that you want to transfer, just bump your phone on the spacebar on your keyboard. Your photos will instantly appear on your computer

In addition, is by chances a file on one of your devices has been lost, then you need not to be worry because that file can also download again from whichever service you are using.

“Starting today, everyone who uses Bump can go to http://bu.mp/ on their computer web browser to bump photos from their phone directly to their computer.

There’s no software to install — it all runs in your browser,” said Bump CEO Dave Lieb told reporters while announcing about Bump app.

Interested user can also get the Bump Android app from the Google Play Store and experience this novel formula on Safari, Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

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