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Apple aims cheaper iPad to compete with Google’s Nexus 7

As per latest news report, Apple has in plans to introduce its latest thinner iPad by end of this year in wake to maintain its position in the market, facing toughest challenge from its major competitors Microsoft and Google. As per information provided from source familiar with this, debut of new Apple’s iPad is likely [...]

Google introduces Chrome Web browser for iPhone, iPad

In the biggest Google’s annual developer’s conference in San Francisco, where the company has released its first Nuxus7 Android Smartphone along with latest version of Android called Jelly Bean, Google’s Chrome browser for Web on the iPhone and iPad unveiled on second day. Now users can run their iPad and iPhones on Google Chrome that [...]

Google introduces Nexus 7 tab

A win-win battle of the Google Inc against Apple’s Smartphone, finally come with its most awaiting debut in the tablet market, launching its Nexus 7 tablet with latest version of Android at its annual developers conference Google I/O, in San Francisco. 7 Inch Google Nexus 7, manufactured by Asus is ready to defeat the Apple’s [...]

Apple lost smartphone war against Google

Hitting legal war with Apple, the world largest search engine Google Inc put its upper hand in the smartphone market with Android as a US judge dismissed Apple’s case. According to source, judge ruled against Apple Inc that it cannot pursue an injunction against Google’s Motorola Mobility unit.

Bump helps to share content from your phone to Desktop PCs

Online market clouded a lot as another bump ready for Android, a new data sharing software app for iOS and Android devices that allow direct photo transfer to PCs from your phone by “gently bumping your phone on to your computer”. By this, even there is no need to physically connect your Android devices to [...]

Facebook introduces new Camera iPhone app

The world biggest social networking site, Facebook is ready to go ahead with its long future plans. Being one step forward just after a week to publish initial public offering IPO, on Thursday, Facebook launched its new photo sharing smartphone app. The app, called Facebook Camera, facilitates fast access of Facebook photos and helps to [...]

Wipro introduces iPhone app

Wipro Buzz, Wipro’s first corporate iPhone app that is integrated with social media has launched by the company. This app that is offered by the Wipro Technologies free of charge is available in Apple’s iTunes store. Allowing users to link with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for function of content sharing, promoting and distributing, Wipro Buzz [...]

Apple records double profit, dispels iPhone fears

The one and only largest electronic company Apple, the first iPhone unveiling firm recorded double quarterly profits this year in iPhone sales. There are so many big rivals in the market like Google Android phones that are capable of beating Apple’s oldest, but competitive product. Records showed that Shares price of the world’s most valuable [...]

HTC unveils HTC One series in India

HTC samrtphones, a highly youth demanded model now came in India as HTC Company unveiled its HTC One series Smartphone on Monday. The Company known for its design and body features launched One X with installation of Nvidia chipset along with a strong polycarbonate body. A 4.7 inch One X is light in weight, high [...]

Apple sells record 3 million iPads in 1st week

To know which tablet is better providing users’ experience, one should set first sight at Apple Inc that recorded interesting sale of more than 3 million iPads during the initial weekend of the market-leading tablet computer. The world’s most trustful company successfully is king of the market for its latest models of iPads that are [...]