Apple sells record 3 million iPads in 1st week

To know which tablet is better providing users’ experience, one should set first sight at Apple Inc that recorded interesting sale of more than 3 million iPads during the initial weekend of the market-leading tablet computer.

The world’s most trustful company successfully is king of the market for its latest models of iPads that are featuring all the essential requirement of users in form of accessing Web along online services.

In the first quarter, Apple recorded demand of 15.4 million iPads for its new device initially went on sale in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Switzerland, the UK, US Virgin Islands and Hong Kong. And now goes in 24 additional countries on 23 March.

Succeeding iPhone, iPad is become the Apple‘s second revenue source as expand 2.7 per cent to a record $601.10.

Moving to 48% value of Share, Apple announced today recording$100 billion cash on its balance sheet to initiate a total $45 billion dividend over three years.

Apple as a prominent valuable company raised its earnings per share by 83 percent in 2011, while 48% this year. Analysts expect Apple‘s large technology peers to follow the leader and boost their dividend payouts.

As per analyst, “If anybody can make dividends cool, it’s Apple.” However Company deals with low P-E that was due to huge cash pile, because investors were acting as if shareholders would never see the benefit of that cash.

Apple‘s second- biggest source of revenue, iPad moves tab into PC, featuring a high-resolution screen, large mega pixel camera along with a faster processor that provide full connectivity.

Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said, “Purchases of tablet computers such as the iPad will eventually surpass those of personal computers”.

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