Google introduces Chrome Web browser for iPhone, iPad

In the biggest Google‘s annual developer’s conference in San Francisco, where the company has released its first Nuxus7 Android Smartphone along with latest version of Android called Jelly Bean, Google‘s Chrome browser for Web on the iPhone and iPad unveiled on second day.

Now users can run their iPad and iPhones on Google Chrome that has 310 million active users terming it a No. 1 browser as per Thursday announcement of company regarding launching of its web browser Chrome that can also available for Apple’s device.

Google‘s latest second attempt to go ahead from Apple compete Apple’s iPads and iPhones runs on Safari online surfing programs. As on the first day of Google I/O event it launched its low-priced tablet computer to compete Apple’s iPad in which company has largest market share and Inc.’s Kindle Fire.

“People have been asking to use Chrome on the iPhone,” Chrome product management director Brian Rakowski said in a media interview.

“We figured why stop there, that we would launch Chrome for the iPad too,” he further added.

According to source, Chrome turns out to be a hit on Apple’s mobile devices, even though it’s free, because Google now shares some advertising revenue with Apple in exchange for Apple building the Google search engine into the mobile version of Safari. Source also reported that there will be no payment of commissions on revenue generated from searches done through Chrome, it will be absolutely free.

Now Apple’s device users can easily browse the web also with enhanced software installation, while Safari seems to be the default browser.

Google said while unveiling its software application, browsing with Chrome can start on a Macbook and after that people pick up it and take where they left off on a smartphone, tablet, or other computer, reports said.

Made only for better web surfing, the company told about Chrome to media persons, “We want to make sure Chrome acts like a layer to work seamlessly across all your devices. No other browser is doing this.”

Along with Chrome, Google also made its Drive online data storage service available on iPhones, iPods and iPads on Apple’s iOS mobile platform, joining Microsoft‘s SkyDrive and others, according to reports.

Meanwhile, Google which is the world’s biggest search engine is seeking to garb all the technical segment of market, as a king fro its competitors to battle the wars in wake to go in a lot of directions that boost the business.

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