Apple to launch new iPad soon, Fall in PCs likely

As iPad trends comes with a huge positive response of users, it decline of PCs rapidly. “The day will come when tablet devices like the Apple iPad outsell traditional personal computers”, reportedly the chief executive of Apple, Timothy D. Cook, predicted.

In this week, Apple launch its newest version of the iPad, with a higher resolution screen and made an art of refining the devices with better screens, faster processors and speedier network connections, as well as other bells and whistles – steadily broadening their audiences.

After passing 5 years, personal computers will be exchanged in tablets in 2017 as its massive growing demand in business segments.

On basis of a growing number of analysts and veteran technology industry executives, who analyzed that the torrid growth rates of the iPad, combined with tablet competition from the likes of and Microsoft, make a changing of the guard a question of when, not if.

Recently Microsoft launched a variety of hardware manufacturers based on a new, touchscreen-friendly operating system called Windows 8 that contained in tablets.

Brad Silverberg, a venture capitalist in Seattle at Ignition Partners and a former Microsoft executive said, “Tablets are on fire, there’s no question about that.”

Even Amazon also introduced the iPad‘s first credible competitor in the $199 Kindle Fire. Although Amazon does not release sales figures for the device, some analysts estimate it sold about 4 million in the holiday quarter.

However from 2010, the tablets boomed a lot than PCs and its demand is going to peak level in the tablets market. All companies now self introduces their tablets, even those who manufactured PCs are going to tablets segment.

Selling 15 million iPads in a year earlier, Apple is banking on the tablet market. Its iPad brought in nearly 40 percent more revenue during the holidays than Apple’s own computer business, the Macintosh, did. The iPad has become a franchise for the company, accounting for $9.15 billion in revenue in the holiday quarter, or about 20 percent of Apple’s total revenue.

“From the first day it shipped, we thought – not just me, many of us thought at Apple – that the tablet market would become larger than the PC market, and it was just a matter of the time that it took for that to occur,” Cook of Apple quotes by saying.

Tablet sales will “absolutely” pass those of PCs, a trend will become even more pronounced as a younger, tablet-savvy generation ages.

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