Microsoft rolls-out final preview of Windows 8

The major software manufacturer company, Microsoft has recently launched the final preview of its much-awaited new operating system Windows 8.

Moreover, the new Windows 8 includes an interface primarily for tablet computers, which is named by Microsoft as Metro, in addition to an improved version of the present Windows 7.

While talking to media, the director of Windows Programme Management, Gabriel Aul said, “The released preview software was all of what will be in the final product in terms of big features.”

However, Mr. Aul said media that colours and themes were yet to be finalized.

As per reports released, the new Windows 8 is designed to work on personal computers as well as tablets, and will replace Microsoft Windows 7, which has sold 525 million copies since it was released allover three years ago.

Under the improved version of Windows 7, means Windows 8, Microsoft has redesigned the traditional ‘Start’ button, replacing it with a much more angular design that changes colour depending on which theme a user chooses.

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