AT&T will launch first 4G LTE Windows Phones

On Thursday a report revealed that AT&T which has a much larger 4G LTE network will be the first to offer a Windows Phone with LTE device.

The AT&T will announce the launching of three LTE-enabled Windows Phone Smartphone at the Consumer Electronics Show, in early January.

Although LTE tries to compete with Google Android and Apple in the U.S. market and at present, none of the Windows Phone Smartphone support LTE device in the market.

By using this, AT&T can easily established and boost the market. That’s why Verizon Wireless and AT&T have already begun testing LTE-enabled Windows Phone devices in their labs.

The expectations are made that The Nokia ACE, HTC Radiant, and Samsung Mendel will also jump with LTE device in 2012 .Besides major investment has been made by Verizon in Google Android devices for its LTE network. It will next offer the Nokia Lumia 710 in April of next year without LTE after same announcement made by T-Mobile USA.

However no information has been released by the companies themselves about their plans. But AT&T and Nokia and Microsoft have remained quit regarding other rumors.

As a part of it,, the Windows Phone enthusiast site reported that it had uncovered a roadmap on the basis of this , by updating software called Tango and with more advanced features in an update called Apollo , Microsoft company plans to capture the low-end market of the year.

Such latest news indicates that there can be more secure chances to face tough competition by Microsoft in the Smartphone OS market. No doubt the developers are trying to adding apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace at a faster rate but by using LTE advance features device
Microsoft will be able grab the whole segment by addressing the more price-sensitive end of the market and make a confident stand point on a lot of expectations of people regarding Windows Phone at CES.

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