Salman Rushdie brushes off calls for ‘blaspemy’ ban

salman rushdie 300x269 Salman Rushdie brushes off calls for blaspemy banIn India an influential Islamic seminary demanded that Salman Rashdie should be banned from entering the country to attend a literature festival later this month, but British author Salman Rushdie has dismissed their demand.

Along with his fellow writers such as Lionel Shriver and Richard Dawkins, Rushdieis due to speak in the city of Jaipur . He was threatened with death in a “fatwa” order from Iran over his 1988 novel “The Satanic Verses”.

However the world’s most important Islamic universities The Darululoom Deoband seminary has been accused in the media of inspiring radical Islamic groups such as the Taliban.

Calling Indian govt. for cancelling Rushdie’s Visa, Maulana Qasim Nomani, a seminary official said, ” The man whose blasphemous writings have hurt the sentiments of Muslims all over the world must not be allowed to set foot on Indian soil.”

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Intel: First Lenovo Android tablet, Then Windows 8

Lenovo IdeaTab K2110 300x219 Intel: First Lenovo Android tablet, Then Windows 8Intel announced its first Lenovo tablet based on its upcoming Atom Chips named “Medfield” today and said Window 8 based tablets is due to the second half of this year.

Addressing the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini declared that after years of struggle by chip maker, Intel is coming in market with Atom processor smartphone.

Otellini said, “The best of Intel computing is now coming to smartphones.” He added that a Windows 8 tablet based on a next-generation Atom was on the way.

As per the report, Intel’s freshly-minted Medfield Atom processor that is powering the Lenovo K800 smart phone, is also powered the Lenovo IdeaTab K2110 tablet.

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Celestial Show: Check Out The Planets In The Sky

Celestial Show 300x277 Celestial Show: Check Out The Planets In The SkyJupiter, Venus and Mars these Earth’s three neighboring planets will be seen close together lightening up the heaven after sunset as a celestial spectacle.

Interesting fact is that celestial spectacles that await astro-enthusiasts for a long time are seen for the next three-four nights.

The night sky over Mumbai will play host to see a pleasing sight of these three bright planets that will be lined up.

The professor Mayank Vahia from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) concluded, “Mars takes more than a year to go around the Sun and Venus takes 200 odd days. Jupiter, of course, takes 12 years, so generally they’re not in the same part of the sky. So it’ll be quite a pleasing sight to see these bright planets all lined up and visible to the naked eye. But that’s all it is, a pretty sight. The convergence of the planets in the same part of the sky is of no significance by astronomy standards.”

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Four killed in US Drone attack in Pakistan

US DRONE ATTACK 300x206 Four killed in US Drone attack in PakistanAs per report reveals by local intelligence officials, A US drone attack has killed at least three militants in Pakistan’s tribal area.

Though US have not made official comment on this but a source reported that it was US drone.

He said a house just outside the town of Miranshah in North Waziristan, near the Afghan border hit by US missiles.

However in November when US released its first raid as Nato helicopter strike on the Afghan border straining ties between Washington and Islamabad, 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed, then due to cutting off vital Nato supply lines after November’s strike, Pakistan had closed its border with Afghanistan.

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Team Anna will not target any political party

Along with Anna team member, his village reforms have also ready to burn imaginations of many in UP with their strong feeling of removal of corruption from the nation.

This is demonstrating by two social activists from Kanpur who have been camping in Hazare’s village, Ralegan Siddhi, to learn the nitty-gritty of his village-level reforms to replicate them in their home state.

A young politician, Vivek Dixit and AK Chaturvedi, a retired professional were those who encouraged with anti-corruption activists Hazare’s struggle for a strong Lokpal bill.

Like them thousand others had organized protest rallies in Kanpur in August. In fact by using the Bhrastyachar Virodhi Jan Andolan (BVJA), the Gandhian’s success with village reforms and his fight against corruption, all studied by both when they visited Ralegan Siddhi.

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7.6 quake hits off Indonesia, issues high alert

indonesia tsunami 300x209 7.6 quake hits off Indonesia, issues high alertToday early morning a tsunami alert has issued by Indonesia after an undersea quake.

This quake is measuring of 7.6 on the Richter scale rocked the country’s northern Aceh province.

As per source report, the province hit up at around 01.30 a.m by the tremor.

Measures the epicenter of the quake was triggered at a depth of 10 km under the seabed and at 350 km southwest of Meulaboh town.

All people living in Meulaboh and Ulele towns have been urged to keep away from the coastal areas and have started shifting to some safer areas up to one kilometre away.

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I will never go nude: Veena Malik

According to the latest reports from the world of Bollywood, Pakistani actress Veena Malik has once again come up in highlights with her new statement.

Though, the matter is yet not clear in media that whether Veena Malik actually go nude for FHM Magazine in December last year. But, Veena Malik has recently said in a statement that she has given her nod to go nude for International magazines like Playboy and The Sun.

Moreover,r it is earlier reported that Veena Malik was approached by these International magazines with huge money offer to go nude for their magazines, but Veena Malik, basically from Pakistan but looking career in Bollywood, had refused to go nude for their magazines.

Talking to media in Dubai, Veena Malik said, “I have been misquoted by a media agency that I was willing to do anything if I was offered Hollywood films… the working culture (in Hollywood) is different from India and Pakistan.”

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Four dead, several injured in Jharkhand train accident

train accident 300x201 Four dead, several injured in Jharkhand train accident According to the latest report, at least four people reported killed and many others were injured in remains when Delhi-bound Brahmaputra Mail rammed into a good train near Karanpurato station in Jharkhand around 6am on Wednesday.

While talking to media about the incident DRM of Malda, Mr. Harsh Kumar said, “Four were killed and five sustained simple injuries.”

Further, briefing to media about the accident, he said, “We can’t tell you the reason or who is responsible for the accident without an enquiry.”

In the meantime, a medical relief train has been already sent to the location of accident.

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IT firms third quarter profit seen up

IT Companies 280x300 IT firms third quarter profit seen upHaving unclear outlook, the Indian software companies are facing a difficult situation for a slower pace of outsourcing contracts in 2012.

While the quarterly earnings this week has kicked off by the IT companies because of the lingering debt crisis in Europe, their biggest market after the United States, their outlook is hazing.

However the bigger rival of Tata Consultancy Services Ltd , Infosys Ltd, the country’s No.2 software services exporter and third-ranked Wipro Ltd , they get three-quarters of their revenue from the United States and Europe.

The research firms Gartner Inc revealed a statement, Global spending on IT will raise at the slowest pace around 3.7 percent against its earlier estimate of 4.6 percent in three years in 2012 as Europeans, worried about the region’s sovereign debt crisis are cutting back on investments.

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