Celestial Show: Check Out The Planets In The Sky

Celestial Show 300x277 Celestial Show: Check Out The Planets In The SkyJupiter, Venus and Mars these Earth’s three neighboring planets will be seen close together lightening up the heaven after sunset as a celestial spectacle.

Interesting fact is that celestial spectacles that await astro-enthusiasts for a long time are seen for the next three-four nights.

The night sky over Mumbai will play host to see a pleasing sight of these three bright planets that will be lined up.

The professor Mayank Vahia from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) concluded, “Mars takes more than a year to go around the Sun and Venus takes 200 odd days. Jupiter, of course, takes 12 years, so generally they’re not in the same part of the sky. So it’ll be quite a pleasing sight to see these bright planets all lined up and visible to the naked eye. But that’s all it is, a pretty sight. The convergence of the planets in the same part of the sky is of no significance by astronomy standards.” Read More

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