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Indo-American Sunita Williams headed to space in July

Once again, the world record setting astronaut female, who’s record of the longest spaceflight (195 days) never broken by anyone till yet, is headed to the International Space Station a space mission in July, as per reports. Yes we are talking about Indian-American astronaut Sunita Williams. In 2006, Wiliams has spent her six months to [...]

Shenzhou-9 set to dock with Tiangong-1 in two-days

An historical moment for China, Shenzhou-9 (Divine Craft) space ship, one of the longest and heaviest rocket China’s long range missile launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Gansu province. The launch has made on Saturday, successfully carrying three astronauts – one of them is 33 years old Liu Yang, China’s first woman in [...]

Transit of Venus in India, next time after 105 years

A very special and rare celestial spectacle, transit of Venus, the first and last for all the people on this earth, unfolded in the morning sky allover India on Wednesday, enthralling the astro enthusiasts. Scientists as well as amateur astronomers are enjoying the amazing creation of the transit of Venus, looking up to the skies [...]

Venus to cross between Sun & Earth today

One of the biggest celestial events the “Venus Transit” will held on Tuesday, that will happen once-in-a-lifetime when Venus passing in front of the sun, directly between the sun and Earth. All the astronomic lovers are in wait to see the rare transit that will come after a huge waiting period of 105 years, in [...]

Partial lunar eclipse today, can not be seen in India

Gracing the night sky today, a partial lunar eclipse will be seen with a real fascination of hidden Moon. While the historic transit of Venus across the sun is a must awaited event for skywatchers, but one day ahead celestial event — a partial lunar eclipse of the June is take place a lot. Monday’s [...]

16-foot asteroid just missed Earth by 8,900 miles on Tuesday Morning

As per recent tragedy in the field of science, the newly-discovered 16-foot wide asteroid crossed as much as missed close to the earth by a mere 8,900 miles on Tuesday. The distance between the surfaces was just about 14,000 km as the same distance as a flight from New York City to New Zealand, however [...]

SpaceX takes off its flight into space

Headed to the International Space Station, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s a private space capsule Dragon was flew on Tuesday just after 10 minutes of the Falcon9 rocket launch into the night sky for the space station’s orbit to line up with the launching pad. However all eyes are on the Dragon that will first perform [...]

China, Japan, US to experience ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse

Amazing scene of ring of fire around the surface of moon as it passes in front of the fiery globe will have to been seen in sky in next week as a partial solar eclipse in which the moon pass in front of the sun. Since 1994, the event will be for first time in [...]

NASA trains Astronauts for Asteroid Mission

In yet, it is for first time that Nasa, the US space agency, plans to train astronauts for a asteroid mission as sending them three million miles away in space for making contact with an asteroid. This most dreadful but challenging manned mission will proceed by the end of the next decade in which the [...]

Watch-out the Bigger and Brighter moon today

On the eve of ‘Buddha Purnima’ today, a “supermoon” has graced the night sky, seeing bigger and brighter than on any other night this year, while it comes closer to the Earth, with distance of 3,56,955 km. The phenomenon, called “supermoon”, last appeared in March 2011, means the Moon sees up to 14% bigger and [...]