NASA trains Astronauts for Asteroid Mission

In yet, it is for first time that Nasa, the US space agency, plans to train astronauts for a asteroid mission as sending them three million miles away in space for making contact with an asteroid.

This most dreadful but challenging manned mission will proceed by the end of the next decade in which the trainer so far more than limit of the Moon, would travel 50,000 miles per hour around the Sun for entire a year. The time limit for astronauts to stay on the asteroid is of up to 30 days.

Source said, this space mission inspired from the Hollywood film Armageddon. In which an astronauts’ team and oil rig drillers are sent into space to land on asteroid, where they drill directly underneath the surface to plant nuclear warheads, hoping to destroy it.

As like movie, there is a team of six astronauts, being trained to land on an asteroid. They will land on asteroid that is an underwater base off the coast of Florida, spending 12 days on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean with low gravity environment.

Amongst them, one of a former British Army helicopter test pilot Major Tim Peake is likely to be who is now first official British European Space Agency astronaut.

During training that will begin next month, they will learn how to operate vehicles, conduct spacewalks, and explore its surface for searching minerals. Even they may also learn tactics of to destroy the material if they term a risk to the Earth.

Introducing aim of manned mission, Major Peake told reporters that Asteroids present some really interesting challenges as even a big asteroid is going to be a low gravity environment. With help of modern developing technology, they are definitely succeeded in an asteroid mission of up to a year.

In case, this manned mission will succeed, then Nasa can get newly valuable information about historical record of billions of years of our universe along with different scientific ways of escaping Earth from collisions with asteroids.

Major further added, “I would love to go on an asteroid mission. There is a possibility that if things continue at a good pace an asteroid mission could happen within the 2020s.”

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